I forgot to mention that the working-class gentleman with a tattoo of a star on his hand, who wept on a coach full of London-aimed pilgrims (and about whom I wrote in the first paragraph of this post here), did, to my utter delight and surprise, after telling no fewer than three or four separate telephone conversation participants The Ballad of the Missing Keys, totally find said keys in the bottom of his duffel bag after dumping wholly its contents on the floor of the coach, ten minutes outside of London Victoria, while searching for some different object, and did cry out with delight to the telephone conversation participant of the moment, “the keys are here! They’re here with me!”, henceforth promising to “nip in to the post office just as soon as [he was] off the coach” to, presumably, send them back.

God forgive me, I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was Sunday.

Extra credit homework: That was one sentence, that first bit. But is it a grammatically sound one? I am curious.


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